Sencore Introduces End-to-End DVB-S2X Solution

The Sencore SMD Satellite Modulator and MRD/AG Decoders have added S2X capability, bringing you the most advanced satellite transmission technology for more bandwidth while saving you money.

The S2X extensions to the DVB-S2 standard are providing for up to 50% better transponder space compared to standard DVB-S2. Utilizing tighter (5%) roll off factors and more advanced (64APSK) coding users can make their money go farther when leasing transponder space.

Paring the Sencore SMD and MRD/AG solutions, customers can expect top-tier solutions from an industry leader in satellite transmission soluitons.


The SMD 989 professional satellite modulator is ideal for MPEG Transport Stream transmission using DVB-S/S2/S2X modulation schemes. The chassis has two bays allowing for a variety of configurations, including two independent modulators for density, redundant power supplies for reliability, or DC BUC power for truck installs.


The MRD 4400 & 5800 along with the card-based AG 4400 & 5800 now have full DVB-S2X demodulation support, enabling the most efficient end-to-end satellite delivery available. The MRD 4400/5800 not only can receive the most efficient satellite signal but can also decode the most efficient video codec, HEVC. If the application only requires turning around the signal into ASI or IP then the MRD 2600 and AG 2600 provide a great option for digital turnaround.

About Sencore

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