Sencore Introduces Next Generation Streaming Servers

Sencore has introduced the next generation of high-performance streaming servers packed with new features and support for the latest standards. The MIP 6210 High-Bitrate Video Streamer and TSS 6220 Scheduled Playout Streamer add to the legacy of Sencore’s popular streaming products. 

High-Bitrate Video Streamer (MIP 6210)

The MIP 6210 is an all-new introduction to Sencore’s popular MPEG/IP streamer product line. The MIP 6210 is the perfect signal source for lab, tradeshow, QA and manufacturing applications and is capable of simultaneously streaming hundreds of MPEG-TS and PCAP files at Gigabit rates. The MIP 6210 supports HEVC/H.265, AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2 video plus all audio formats. 

  • Supply reliable MPEG-TS and PCAP signal sources for testing broadcast and video equipment
  • Intuitive web UI and full web API for easy control and automation
  • Easily configure parameters such as source IP and port, destination IP and port,  MAC address, RTP and others

Scheduled Video Playout Streamer (TSS 6220)

The all new TSS 6220 Transport Stream Server provides a simple solution for automated playout of media files into multiple MPEG-over-IP output channels.  TSS 6220 supports up to 16 output streams, each with its own managed playlist. Streams can be configured via web interface, remote API, or by simply uploading a playlist. TSS 6220 is perfect for file-to-live broadcast channels, channel-in-a-box, lab test streams and automated manufacturing tests.

  • Create multiple automated channels of content using onboard media files and user-supplied schedules
  • Useful for channel origination in value-priced PEG markets
  • Terabytes of onboard storage with FTP or SMB file upload and management

About Sencore

Sencore, the gateway to better video delivery, is a rapidly growing technology company that provides a broad range of innovative products and services enabling efficient, high-quality video delivery. Sencore continues to meet the needs of modern media with a cutting-edge product portfolio, backed by best-in-industry support. Sencore works in close collaboration with customers to provide solutions for the content delivery challenges of today and tomorrow, enabling them to deliver high-quality content throughout their networks.